automation platform.

XOAP is a cloud automation platform for code-based implementation of IT infrastructure components. It enables desktops, systems and IT infrastructures anywhere and anytime. Simplify your processes with one central management platform for your on-premises and cloud environments. Connect any “thing” and get started within minutes.

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Make cloud commodity for everyone.

We enable companies to start immediately with the right cloud strategy. By standardizing the jumble of different IT platforms and solutions, our automation platform makes them accessible to everyone. Empower the simple and scalable way of IT management with XOAP.

Create reproducible infrastructures on different platforms via one console

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Use uberAgent without Splunk
to gain massive cost reductions
for your infrastructure

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Intuitive cloud-based and agentless IT automation for consistent configuration management

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Deploy applications to unlimited number of devices on different platforms - anywhere

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Access a holistic and consistent overview of information on local systems at any time

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Optimized configuration and deployment of customized OS images without code writing

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Integrate third party solutions such as uberAgent, deviceTRUST or other products into the modular system

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Replace your legacy logon scripts / GPOs for system changes can be directly implemented without scripting knowledge

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Build automated ​machine images.

Automate the creation of any type of machine image. Embrace modern configuration management by using automated scripts to install and configure the software within your pre-defined images. We bring machine images into the modern age, unlocking untapped potential and opening new opportunities.

Configure, manage and maintain ​nodes.

Enforce compliance across multi-hybrid infrastructures and services with configuration as code and model-driven automation. Continuously evaluate nodes against their desired state. Take care of configuration drifts and ensure that these drifts are corrected automatically.

Deliver applications ​across platforms.

Run application deployments in the cloud, your corporate data centers and on-premises environments. The simple and intuitive user interface helps you to automatically upgrade applications and configuration files allowing you to track application status everywhere and anytime.

One simple console ​to rule them all.

Powerful analytics, detailed reports and easy-to-implement auditing capabilities. Based on the deployment of a cloud-hosted solution, the immediate use of a wide range of monitoring capabilities is presented. Use real-time insights into your infrastructure, servers, user activity and application installations to gain a holistic view of your infrastructure processes.

continuous improvement

Shaping the future.

Take advantage of automation technology with XOAP and scale your business as needed - easily build and manage your infrastructure on-premises or on your chosen cloud platform.







Our products.

We build products empowering companies to start right now with the right cloud strategy.

Our alliances and extensions.

Together we are shaping the future, with the support of strong alliances. ​We build on top of selected alliances that bundle multiple competencies from different areas.

Contextual Security - deviceTRUST brings together all the context and control needed to protect your digital workspace whilst allowing the modern access your users demand.

uberAgent is an innovative user experience monitoring and endpoint security analytics product for Windows and macOS. It gives you
the information
that matters.

Install complete Citrix infrastructures fully automated and keep them up to date with the Citrix Extension. Installations and updates out of the box and as a service.​

Fair and simple pricing for all.

Absolute price transparency. Choose the pricing model that suits your business and benefit from unprecedented dynamism.

3,59 /mo /yr

Starting per user/node

Pay only for chosen products

Discount based on subscription​

No commitments, monthly billing

Annual accounting​

Minimum 50 user/nodes

Minimum 50 user/nodes

Continuous application upgrades

Continuous application upgrades


Contact us per Mail. Available for companies with large payment volumes or special business models.

Discount based on subscription period

Billing for 12, 24 or 36 months

Minimum 1000 user/nodes

Continuous application upgrades

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Our partners.

XOAP partners must undergo rigorous testing to join this elite group of partners, including a proven track record of successfully delivering customer projects.

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