Our application management makes it easy to scale application delivery to any number of users on different target platforms - without purchasing, provisioning, and managing hardware or infrastructure.

Tech Specs

Consistent management environment for your applications.

Creation of PSADT packages without the need to write a single line of PowerShell code.

Creating product installation packages and liberation from specific installation languages.

Assembling application groups and roles to manage application dependencies and suites.

Consistent installation packages for client and server deployments​.

Reduce your deployment infrastructure complexity and TCO but still deploy your applications anywhere and anytime.
Enable easy scaling of application delivery to any number of devices on different target platforms.


Simplify your application management and consolidate your server, client, and desktop management from one simple console.
Meet growing user expectations and respond with speed and agility.


No dependency on external service providers.
Standardize packaging processes so everybody can directly adopt the service internally as well as externally without onboarding time.


Integrate with popular technologies and platforms.

Use the modular and open system of XOAP to integrate existing products and future-oriented technologies.


Provides a set of functions to perform common application deployment tasks and to interact with the user during a deployment. It simplifies the complex scripting challenges of deploying applications in the enterprise.


XOAP support MSIX, a package format for Windows apps that provides a modern packaging interface for all Windows apps. MSIX packaging preserves the functionality of existing app packages and enables new, modern packaging and deployment features for Win32, WPF and Windows Forms.


Enhance, enable, and simplify non-persistent Windows computing environments. Create more portable computing sessions when using physical and virtual systems fully integrated and managed with application.XO.

On-prem package sync

Benefit not only from the worldwide availability of packages and configurations, but also synchronize them to the location of your choice on-premises in your datacenter.

Citrix packages on-demand

Update your entire Citrix infrastructure (Storefront, Director, VAaD) to the latest version at the push of a button and never miss an update cycle again. Benefit from the standardized and tested packages on-demand on-premises or in the cloud.


Connect your infrastructure workflows and our automation technology seamlessly via our API, which is available in every module. Benefit from the possibilities of full automation of your entire infrastructure and services.

Deliver applications right now everywhere.

Convince yourself and enjoy the power of automation.

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