We offer various extensions to make your IT management even more efficient.
Our products are modularly expandable in order to be connected to selected manufacturer products. Thereby we consider your infrastructure as a holistic solution. You can use our extensions with your own license, because we focus on efficiency and simplicity.

Tech Specs

Direct integration of exclusive manufacturer products.

Integration of 3rd party applications, tools or utilities seamlessly into the XOAP frontend.

Customer best practices in automation, standardization and packaging as a standard package, immediately accessible to everyone.

Seamless integration with all other available modules, without your own infrastructure or know-how to the respective products.

Individually extensible and open, develop your own modules and make it available to all other XOAP users.

Install a complete Citrix environment, with all necessary prerequisites and components in the latest version. Access the installation packages we provide and never miss an upgrade again.


Secure your endpoints and workspaces anytime, anywhere. Protect your infrastructure independent from it's location. To do this, use deviceTRUST and your existing license (BYOL) or purchase one that we provide as service provider.


Standardize your deployment and packaging process of applications and configurations, whether in the cloud or on-premise. Define standards for internal and external collaborators to ensure a stable and homogeneous infrastructure.


Use the uberAgent extension to perform user experience monitoring without impacting system performance. Collect detailed information of your infrastructure. In combination with insights.XO you get all available uberAgent dashboards. Use your own license (BYOL) or one provided by XOAP.


Integrate with popular technologies and platforms.

Use the modular and open system of XOAP to integrate existing products and future-oriented technologies.


Our Package Wizard provides a UI for creating PSADT packages with a set of features to perform common application deployment tasks and interact with the user during a deployment. It simplifies the complex scripting involved in deploying applications in the enterprise.

Citrix Cloud

Use the packages provided by us as subscription and deploy them to different target platforms - including Citrix Cloud.


Start deploying uberAgent to your endpoints immediately without deploying infrastructure or building expertise.


Use deviceTRUST and our provided templates to roll out policies to your workspaces.

Make your IT Management more efficient by using popular extensions.

Convince yourself and enjoy the power of automation.

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