One simple console for powerful analyzes, detailed reports and easy-to-implement auditing functions - all without having to install and host the infrastructure yourself. With the deployment of a cloud-hosted solution, the direct use of a variety of monitoring functions is offered.

Tech Specs

Management and analytics at a glance.

No complex and expensive backend infrastructure required.

Customizable and extensible with common dashboards.

Encrypted and secure communication via https and the latest standards.

Payment based on actual data collected per month.

Expand the dashboards as you wish, adapted to your environment. Use pre-built templates for VMware, Ivanti, Citrix and all popular AuditBeat dashboards from Elastic.


Connect all endpoints, whether server, client, notebook or virtual cloud systems with the intuitive and simple SaaS application.


Reduce your expensive monitoring infrastructure and save on operational and deployment costs.


Integrate with popular technologies and platforms.

Use the modular and open system of XOAP to integrate existing products and future-oriented technologies.


Use all functions and features without building your own infrastructure.


Kibana is a proprietary data visualization dashboard software for Elasticsearch. Build your own dashboards and integrate them into the frontend.

PowerShell DSC

Get all the information from your managed endpoints, as well as PowerShell DSC status live and in the past.


Use uberAgent without SPLUNK and own backend infrastructure. BYOL or as a managed service via XOAP.


Contextual Security with deviceTRUST, on-demand on all end devices such as FAT client, notebooks, VAaD or cloud desktops. BYOL or as a managed service via XOAP.

Boost your digital workspaces from one simple console.

Convince yourself and enjoy the power of automation.

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