Infrastructure as Code (IaC) without coding - provide and manage your entire infrastructure on-premises and in the cloud.

Tech Specs

Create, deploy, and manage your entire infrastructure without writing a single line of code.

Infrastructure as Code without coding.

Provisioning of complete infrastructures on-premises or/and in the cloud.

Reproducible Infrastructure from A to Z.

Apply complex changesets to your infrastructure with minimal human interaction.

Codify your infrastructure - regardless whether on-premises, in the cloud or in parallel on different platforms. Use your existing know-how to carry out a deployment on your preferred platform - without the need to open a code editor.


Avoid unnecessary costs by automatically migrating your IT infrastructure to different platforms.


Ensure identical development, approval and production environments by adjusting parameters - no hard-coding of values.


Leverage blue-green deployments for your infrastructure components without affecting your production systems - enhance uptimes and quality.


Integrate with popular technologies and platforms.

Use the modular and open system of XOAP to integrate existing products and future-oriented technologies.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

IaC from an intuitive console. Instantly deploy complete infrastructures from templates, or create your own infrastructure stacks and blue-prints.


Use solutions like Terraform from the XOAP frontend and benefit immediately from all added values including pipelines and state management.

Hybrid multi-cloud

Deploy your entire infrastructure on-premises or in the cloud without changing deployment processes and technologies.


Whether on VMware vSphere or OpenStack, as well as AWS or Azure - use the same user interface to provision the complete infrastructure.


The complete CI/CD pipeline ensures that added value is delivered faster in a sustainable manner. More agile, faster and with lower cost.


Connect your infrastructure workflows and our automation technology seamlessly via our API. Benefit from the possibilities of full automation of your entire infrastructure and services.

Make your IT infrastructure platform-independent.

Convince yourself and enjoy the power of automation.

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