Allows complete control and configuration of user settings on different Windows Workplaces. Give your employees a whole new feeling of working without long logon or customization times.

Tech Specs

Integrate your custom user profile configuration seamlessly into your infrastructure.

Continuous management and configuration of the user environment during login and logout.

Seamless integration into existing infrastructures and software solutions.

Easy migrations of user settings and profiles.

No infrastructure required, therefore easy configuration and deployment.

Replace your legacy logon scripts / GPOs so that system changes can be implemented without lengthy processes and scripting knowledge. Configure and standardize your user profiles quickly and in a resource-saving manner, for online and offline clients.


Enables synchronization between different Workspaces such as FAT clients, RDS environments or cloud desktops by selectively copying and managing files and folders, as well as exporting and importing registry values with predefined software settings.


All user settings and configurations are automatically preserved when you replace a device or change a Workspace, without the hassle of exporting and re-importing user profiles.


Integrate with popular technologies and platforms.

Use the modular and open system of XOAP to integrate existing products and future-oriented technologies.


Open and modular infrastructure, which is expandable according to individual requirements.


Integrate other solutions like FSlogix seamlessly into profile.XO and benefit from even more possibilities.

Citrix VAaD

Supports all major VAaD versions and is future proof.

AVD (former WVD)

Supports virtual desktops on both Microsoft and AWS. Bring your users to the new platform, with your desired user settings.

Offline Clients

Offline clients like notebooks or FAT clients are supported and use a local cache, which allows you to access the settings even without a corporate network connection.

Give your employees the best user experience.

Convince yourself and enjoy the power of automation.

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